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Hi there! 

My name is Yolisa Bam and I’m here to help you build your business online.

I am a digital marketer, content enthusiast, social media specialist and U.C Berkeley trained front-end web developer. I’ve spent the last 10 years working in the internet marketing space and my expertise spans across the hospitality, self-development, influencer marketing and cosmetics industries.

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Slay Your Social

I created this podcast to empower the everyday entrepreneur with corporate digital marketing strategies to grow their business and their personal brand online

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A step-by-step mini-course designed to help you position yourself as expert on social media

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The private coaching you need to build a binge worthy online brand you can monetize

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An extra supportive, step-by-step, 90-day program to help you boost your digital sales

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The Yolisa Bam Instagram page page is your hub for updates on all things Yolisa and TONS of fresh content you can use to build your online business.

Every day, I share new content that will inspire, encourage and equip you with the tools you need to aunch a an online business, build your brand and stay on track.