3 Reasons Why Making Youtube Videos will Explode Your Fanbase

Youtube is one of my favorite social media platforms! It's such a simple way for Indie Artists to start promoting their music in a natural and fun way. In this video, I'm going go explain the 3 reasons why making youtube videos will explode your fanbase. https://www.facebook.com/YolisaOfficial/videos/1343468099041210/ Youtube is the Best Way to Dip into … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Making Youtube Videos will Explode Your Fanbase

How to Use an EPK

98 % of Indie Artists Don't Succeed for a couple of reasons. One of those reasons is they do not stand out from the crowd. Standing out from the crowd is your job. It's important to understand what makes you unique and show people should pay attention to you. Your EPK is the best place … Continue reading How to Use an EPK


YouTube live just hit my app and I COULDN'T BE MORE EXCITED. I'm convinced live video is everything and needs to  be part of your music strategy. So in my first YouTube Live video, I'm doing the Invade My Privacy Tag. It's a fun video that I hope you'll enjoy. https://youtu.be/B4LE15HaGoc TAG QUESTIONS 1. Did … Continue reading INVADE MY PRIVACY TAG

How Perfectionism Prevents Progress

Hands up if you're a perfectionist  like me. You believe in putting out your best work and that brings out the worst in you sometimes... I'm in that same boat with you. When I look at some of the students in my online courses, I see people who hesitate because they struggle with this idea … Continue reading How Perfectionism Prevents Progress

My favorite Ring Light

So here's a confession: even though I have a camera, I create the majority of my content using my iPhone 7 Plus. This includes all my YouTube videos, my video content in the Music Biz Bootcamp and anything on my Facebook page. It's super convenient to shoot and edit high quality video and photos on … Continue reading My favorite Ring Light

How to Use the Super Bowl To Market Your Music

You're going to thank me for this when Super Bowl comes back around next year. It is seriously one of the coolest events you can take advantage of when you're putting together your music marketing strategy. The Super Bowl is a "Tentpole" Event. It's a trending event that always gets lot's of attention. That's why … Continue reading How to Use the Super Bowl To Market Your Music