you really should chill with your family

I’m sure most 20 somethings can relate when I say I LOVE my family and I can usually only take them in doses.

Well the last few years those family doses have been few and far between. I really could give you a bunch of excuses; school, work, dating, work, busy…So you can imagine that seeing my family this past summer was pretty awesome.

I had family fly in and out from June to September- most of them coming or going to South Africa. My nieces came in after a 2 month trip to Johannesburg, my cousin from Cape Town came in, my aunt (also from Joburg) came in too. It was so refreshing.

You never realize how much your family means to you until you haven’t seen them in a while. It kind of makes me envy Kim Kardashian a little bit. Her business is spending time with her family! I want that life haha.

So I just felt like writing you this little note to remind you to reach out to your fam on this holiday season. You don’t know how much you miss them until you hear the familiar voices you grew up with 🙂

The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:31

Later xo,


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