How to Take the Best Sibling Selfie

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A friend of mine recently made a comment about how often I take selfies.

I never really noticed it before. I love them 🙂 But I will admit that my favorite selfies are the ones I take with my big sister Vivi. We’ve been taking them for a while.

So here are some tips to taking the best sibling selfie:

  1. MAKE SURE THE LIGHT IS IN FRONT OF YOU, NOT BEHIND YOU. Unless you’re going for some ethereal shadow effect, keep the light in front of you. I like to use this ring light for my selfies, but  Natural light is the next best thing. You can just stand in front of a nice big window like me and my sis.
  2. USE LANDSCAPE MODE. Look- if you can’t fit it all in, make the screen bigger! Or you could hold your hand back. That doesn’t really work for me though.
  3. TILT YOUR CHIN TO YOUR CHEST AND SMILE. I’ll talk about this technique later but it makes all the difference with how confident you look on camera. Chin. To. Chest.

Later xo,


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