Shop My Closet & Favorites on

The Sexy Savvy Store is my favorite online destination right now.

I’ve collaborated with to create a place where you can find all my favorite books, looks, skincare products, make up and tech gadgets. It’s an online shopping cart with all my favorite products on amazon in ONE place.

If you ever see me in an video, scope or live event and wonder what I’m wearing, what I’m reading or what you see in the video, you can DEFINITELY find it in the Sexy Savvy Store

My absolute FAVORITE product in the store right now it my wide brim fedora. It’s my happy hat. Whenever I’m bored with an outfit I spice it up with my happy hat.

Untitled design (4)

It’s a wide brim floppy fedora that I think goes with everything. Even though I love style- I like to keep it simple. I like wearing one color (mostly black) with a pop of something else. My fedora gives me that pop and makes me feel super fashionable without even trying.

You really should invest in one. Try it. Check out the fedora in my amazon store for $7 here –> WIDE BRIM FLOPPY FEDORA

Later xo,


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