Meet Your Marketing Mentor, Yolisa.

+ 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me 

The why behind this blog…

Hey! I’m Yolisa and I am the creator of . I’m a lifestyle Youtuber, a singer/songwriter and a daily periscoper. I’m here to spread good vibes through the media and that’s what I do here on this website.

When I moved to America, I used to watch a lot of TV to try and figure things out. I wanted to fit in but picked up some bad self-hate habits instead. I struggled with anorexia and a general sense of shame about my body and my curves. My self-esteem was pretty shot and I tried to cover it up with boyfriends, make up and shopping. It’s hard living that way when you don’t even know you need a way out. In 2010, I started a self love journey that has led me to being the woman I am today. I am healed and I embrace myself in ways I never even imagined. I’ve brought myself into a great relationship and life with God and other people.

At this point in my life I know it’s my purpose to uplift people. I do that through my music and in my 1 on 1 Boost Sessions where I’ve encouraged people to:

  • Grow in Christ
  • Be Emotionally, Spiritually & Physically strong in the face of cancer
  • Reconnect with family members
  • Outshine competition in job interviews
  • Worry Less
  • Start new romantic relationships
  • Avoid divorce
  • Balance life and business
  • Find joy in any age
  • Create Super Duper Friendships

I think it’s my responsibility to share my journey with people who may have been in my shoes. On this blog, you’ll find tips, tricks, playlists, recipes, style, my latest obsessions and so much more.

If you want to get started, I’d say check out my blog about spending time with family Or if you’re into style, check out this blog about wide brim fedoras – you’ll love it

I deliver my best when I’m sharing my astute insights. I also deliver my best when I’m encouraging people with great energy. That’s the why behind this blog. I hope it waters your soul and empowers you to be Sexy and Savvy.


5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me 

1) I’m an introvert. Seriously more of a 1 on 1 gal.

2) I struggled with thoughts of suicide in the past. I’m healed of that pain now.

3) I have an irrational fear of holes. It’s a real thing. Google it.

4) I’m from South Africa and my mom is half white.

5)  My album Grateful is currently available for $6.95 here