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The Sexy Savvy Store is my favorite online destination right now.

I’ve collaborated with to create a place where you can find all my favorite books, looks, skincare products, make up and tech gadgets. It’s an online shopping cart with all my favorite products on amazon in ONE place.

If you ever see me in an video, scope or live event and wonder what I’m wearing, what I’m reading or what you see in the video, you can DEFINITELY find it in the Sexy Savvy Store

My absolute FAVORITE product in the store right now it my wide brim fedora. It’s my happy hat. Whenever I’m bored with an outfit I spice it up with my happy hat.

Untitled design (4)

It’s a wide brim floppy fedora that I think goes with everything. Even though I love style- I like to keep it simple. I like wearing one color (mostly black) with a pop of something else. My fedora gives me that pop and makes me feel super fashionable without even trying.

You really should invest in one. Try it. Check out the fedora in my amazon store for $7 here –> WIDE BRIM FLOPPY FEDORA

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How Did You Become a Paid Youtuber?

I recently got this question on a scope I did. Here is the answer:

I’ve been on and off of youtube since 2008. My first channel was a beauty channel I started in college. A few years later, I started a lifestyle channel (the one I have today) and, even though I don’t live fully off of the earnings, I do get to pay some bills from it 🙂 So here are the different ways I get paid as a youtuber.


A few years ago, it wasn’t easy to become a paid Youtuber. You had to have a whole lot of views or be signed to a Multi-Channel network. A few examples are & Basically,a multi-channel network uses the collective views of its members to negotiate deals with major brands. As a result, I’ve been been paid to do videos for sponsors like 1-800-flowers. They also make it possible for me to merchandise and put my music on itunes (if I want to). To apply to my favorite MCN click here

2.    ADSENSE     

Google Adsense is easy to sign up for. It allows you to monetize your videos by running ads on them. Every video you monetize will have ads and you get paid a percentage of what youtube makes. This is what most people are upset about when it comes to the new Youtube Red subscription service. Thats’ why it’s important to monetize your youtube in multiple ways.


This is a new revenue stream I’m learning and it’s already given me results. Basically, I get my own special link for products I talk about in my videos. I usually place these links in my description box. When people go purchase the items, I get 10% commission. There are few different ways to do this, but my favorite way is in my amazon store. Go check it out here —-> SEXY SAVVY STORE

Hope you enjoyed that Q&A make sure you join me on my next scope.

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How to Take the Best Sibling Selfie

Hey there! Quick heads up- you can purchase all the items mentioned in this post at the Sexy Savvy Store 

A friend of mine recently made a comment about how often I take selfies.

I never really noticed it before. I love them 🙂 But I will admit that my favorite selfies are the ones I take with my big sister Vivi. We’ve been taking them for a while.

So here are some tips to taking the best sibling selfie:

  1. MAKE SURE THE LIGHT IS IN FRONT OF YOU, NOT BEHIND YOU. Unless you’re going for some ethereal shadow effect, keep the light in front of you. I like to use this ring light for my selfies, but  Natural light is the next best thing. You can just stand in front of a nice big window like me and my sis.
  2. USE LANDSCAPE MODE. Look- if you can’t fit it all in, make the screen bigger! Or you could hold your hand back. That doesn’t really work for me though.
  3. TILT YOUR CHIN TO YOUR CHEST AND SMILE. I’ll talk about this technique later but it makes all the difference with how confident you look on camera. Chin. To. Chest.

Later xo,


you really should chill with your family

I’m sure most 20 somethings can relate when I say I LOVE my family and I can usually only take them in doses.

Well the last few years those family doses have been few and far between. I really could give you a bunch of excuses; school, work, dating, work, busy…So you can imagine that seeing my family this past summer was pretty awesome.

I had family fly in and out from June to September- most of them coming or going to South Africa. My nieces came in after a 2 month trip to Johannesburg, my cousin from Cape Town came in, my aunt (also from Joburg) came in too. It was so refreshing.

You never realize how much your family means to you until you haven’t seen them in a while. It kind of makes me envy Kim Kardashian a little bit. Her business is spending time with her family! I want that life haha.

So I just felt like writing you this little note to remind you to reach out to your fam on this holiday season. You don’t know how much you miss them until you hear the familiar voices you grew up with 🙂

The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:31

Later xo,