Shop My Closet & Favorites on

The Sexy Savvy Store is my favorite online destination right now. I’ve collaborated with to create a place where you can find all my favorite books, looks, skincare products, make up and tech gadgets. It’s an online shopping cart with all my favorite products on amazon in ONE place. If you ever see meContinue reading “Shop My Closet & Favorites on”

How Did You Become a Paid Youtuber?

I recently got this question on a scope I did. Here is the answer: I’ve been on and off of youtube since 2008. My first channel was a beauty channel I started in college. A few years later, I started a lifestyle channel (the one I have today) and, even though I don’t live fully offContinue reading “How Did You Become a Paid Youtuber?”

you really should chill with your family

I’m sure most 20 somethings can relate when I say I LOVE my family and I can usually only take them in doses. Well the last few years those family doses have been few and far between. I really could give you a bunch of excuses; school, work, dating, work, busy…So you can imagine thatContinue reading “you really should chill with your family”